My Poetry

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Blood Bond

For some reason the school nurse
could only reach him that day
My daddy, my saviour
He came running
I was nine
I’d had a bleed out

He took me home
let me clean up
soak out the blood
change clothes

He hung the rinsed out panties
on the line
Gave me a hug

I went back to work
with him that day


When Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow begins with the end of today
every piece eaten and digested
moments lingering on my tongue.

It begins when I am satiated with now
ready to give up the tedium
that hides me from living.

It begins when I realize
that someone has been knocking at the door
and I rise to open it.


So Now What

Things unsaid
missed opportunities
hurt feelings
no time
no particular reason

I never said sorry
I never said thank you
I didn’t go to his funeral
I never called
I cursed you
I cursed your child
I walked out
I never said goodbye
I slammed the door

My mother and her friend bought the same material
Her friend made dresses for her little girls
They wore them, wore them out
My mother’s material dry rotted in the closet
Never sewed into anything

Things left undone
that we regret
tears streaming
shame guiding
hysteria barely contained
fresh reality unmade

So what now.

- End -


At the bottom of a craggy hill
In a blooming and mysterious garden
On the night of new Light
The sounds of old instruments
Opened a crack in the universe
And birds sang from the trees
Talking with the musicians
In the beats of the future
The people listened with gentle hearts
And they began to fly.

(In response to Pops Mohammed, Andile Yenana,  Mlungisi Gegana and Feya Faku)

- End -

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